Our Team​

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) is managed by a team of professionals who oversee the daily operations of the Board. Our skilled staff regularly work with important stakeholders to communicate workforce needs, organize workforce development plans and activities, negotiate agreements with providers, receive funding, and track program progress.

Our team is comprised of talented, innovative, and self-motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to strategically addressing the present and future workforce demands in Monterey County. By working together, we are committed to shaping the economic future of our region.

Meet the team behind the Monterey County Workforce Development Board

org chart

Christopher Donnelly

Executive Director

Jose Alvarado
Accountant II

Rose-Ann Amaya
Employment Representative II – Special Grants

Linda Avakian 
Management Analyst I

Theresa Ballesteros
Account Clerk

Orlando Elizondo
Management Analyst II

Daisy Fernandez
Finance Manager

Flor Galvan
Senior Secretary

Mona Lisa Garcia
Pajaro Project

Jose Hernandez
Employment Representative II – Special Grants

Elizabeth Kaylor
Management Analyst III

Laura Kershner
Employment Representative II – Business Services

Vanessa Kor
Management Analyst II

Susan Marscellas
Management Analyst II

Joanna Nava
Senior Account Clerk

Pearl Sanchez
Management Analyst III

Alfonso Reynozo
Senior Departmental Information Systems Coordinator

Korey Woo
Employment Programs Supervisor – Special Grants