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Culinary Arts/Hospitality & Tourism

Monterey County’s scenic beauty and amazing food are two primary reasons why so many people want to visit our county and spend their money here. From the world-class restaurants of Monterey and Carmel to the amazingly affordable and delicious restaurants of the Salinas Valley, there is so much great food to sample.

Hospitality and Tourism

A recent study indicated that the hospitality and tourism industries generate $1.7 billion dollars per year in Monterey County. This is one of the key sectors to the economic vitality of Monterey County. As the region’s second largest industry (after agriculture), there are 1837 businesses employing 21,940 workers.

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts (cooking) jobs are part of this industry and the long-term prospects for these occupations are very positive. California offers a diverse range of career opportunities that cater to various interests, skills, and qualifications, with positions available from entry-level to executive management. If you want to develop the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level cook and pastry careers in just a few months, sign up for an accelerated program with Monterey Peninsula College (MPC), our training partner. This training culminates in earning two college-level certificates: the Sustainable Culinary Arts Certificate of Achievement and the Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate of Achievement. Complete this program and be ready to work!

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Culinary Arts/Hospitality & Tourism Wages in Monterey County, California

SOC Occupation Hourly Entry Level Annual  Median Annual Experienced Annual 
39-6012 Concierges $16.67 $34,674 $20.85 $43,368 $22.61 $47,029
43-4181 Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks $16.82 $34,986 $19.67 $40,914 $23.09 $48,027
35-1012 First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers $17.67 $36,754 $20.97 $43,618 $24.63 $51,230
41-3041 Travel Agents $18.10 $37,648 $23.81 $49,525 $29.08 $60,486
37-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers $18.44 $38,355 $24.05 $50,024 $28.43 $59,134
11-9081 Lodging Managers $19.31 $40,165 $29.75 $61,880 $44.07 $91,666
11-9051 Food Service Managers $22.98 $47,798 $32.27 $67,122 $41.82 $86,986

Source: JobsEQ®