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The health care industry keeps us healthy and generates economic opportunity.  The health care industry is a significant and growing part of California’s economy. Increasing employment opportunities in health care over the next several years will be due in part to the state’s aging population, the addition of over five million to those covered by health insurance because of the implementation of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, and technological advances in health care.

In Monterey County, the healthcare sector is projected to grow at a strong rate for the rest of the decade. The Monterey County Workforce Board is responding to this health care job growth by providing training opportunities for Medical Assistants, Community Health Workers, and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants assist doctors in clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. They may show a patient to the exam room, take vital signs, and check height and weight. Medical assistants will ask about a patient’s symptoms and health concerns and pass that information on to the primary care provider.

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Community Health Worker:

A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of and/or has an unusually close understanding of the community served. CHWs help community members access critical resources and navigate the healthcare and social services systems, so they get the care they need. CHWs work in various settings, such as health clinics, hospitals, and community health centers, to name a few.

The Monterey County Workforce Board has a hybrid (on-line and in-person), five-month training program that is led by one of the most noted Community Health Worker training leaders in the country. Participants meet weekly, either on Tuesday or Thursday when the class is online and on a Saturday when the class is in person.

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Certified Nursing Assistant:

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides basic care and support for patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse or other medical professional.  From transporting, bathing, and feeding hospital patients, to stocking medical supplies and logging patient information, CNAs are on the ground working to enhance patient outcomes.

The MCWDB and Central Coast College, our training partner, hosts training sessions throughout the year. Each training session will last eight weeks and will involve classroom and experiential learning. Financial assistance may be available to help with the cost of training.

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Healthcare Wages in Monterey County, California

SOC Occupations Entry Level Hourly  Hourly Hourly Expierenced Hourly
31-1131 Nursing Assistants $32,400 $16 $16 $16 $54,400 $26
31-2011 Occupational Therapy Assistants $33,600 $16 $19 $19 $53,000 $25
31-2021 Physical Therapist Assistants $35,000 $17 $18 $18 $94,300 $45
31-9091 Dental Assistants $37,400 $18 $19 $19 $48,000 $23
31-9092 Medical Assistants $38,200 $18 $21 $21 $57,200 $28
31-9097 Phlebotomists $47,900 $23 $25 $25 $65,500 $31
21-1094 Community Health Workers $37,918.40 $18 $21.44 $21.44 $56,201.60 $27.02

Source: JobsEQ®