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Parks and Forestry

Parks and Forests are important sources of employment, livelihoods, and incomes, particularly in rural areas. They provide jobs in a wide range of activities related to sustainable forest management and the protection of forest ecosystems and biodiversity and safeguarding the benefits of forests. Below are three jobs that exists within the parks and forestry sector.

Conservation Workers

Forest and conservation workers work predominantly in federal, state and local governments and logging companies. They plant seedlings to replenish forests that have been cut or burned, and they clear brush and debris from high-traffic recreation areas such as campgrounds and hiking trails. They also cut trees, spray insecticides and fungicides and work to prevent and suppress forest fires.

Forest and Conservation Technicians

Forest and conservation technicians manage the work of forest and conservation workers. They serve under the guidance of foresters and conservation scientists.

Wildland Firefighter

A Wildland firefighter fights fire as a member of a fire crew using specialized tools and equipment. A firefighter also clears trails, cuts brush; assists in building, grounds, and equipment maintenance and repair.

Parks and Forestry Wages in Monterey County

Occupation Entry Level Annual Wages Median Annual Wages Experienced Annual Wages
Forest and Conservation Technicians $35,300 $42,500 $52,200
Firefighters $47,400 $75,000 $94,000
Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers $37,500 $40,300 $47,800
Grounds Maintenance Workers, All Other $34,400 $36,200 $44,300
Forest and Conservation Workers $33,400 $33,400 $42,800

Source: JobsEQ®